If you have a faulty geyser, issues with your hot water system or are looking to upgrade your existing hot water heating system then we are the company to call. With over 30 years experience in servicing, maintaining, installing and fixing Gas Geysers Cape Town you can be confident that we will get the job done right, no matter what issues you may be experiencing.

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Fitting a new geyser or repairing and old one can be a tricky task, especially if you are not trained in the relevant safety aspects of Electrical, Gas and plumbing. We recommend that any work involving your water or gas supply be carried out by an experienced and fully trained geyser specialist. These large, extremely heavy appliances need to be hoisted into your roof space or cavity and then care must be taken to install the relevant pipework and electrical supplies to enable full functionality which is both efficient and safe in use. OurĀ Geyser installers in Cape Town are fully compliant with all makes and models of geyser for both gas and solar and will be able to advise on the best system to suit your usage requirements and then carry out a safe installation. A range of different systems are available from instant hot water systems through to solar powered energy efficient geysers.

We are also experts in diagnosing, fault finding and Geyser repair Cape Town. If you are having any issues with your equipment in terms of faults or efficiency, we are able to help and will offer an excellent fix which wont break the bank! Once you geyser is fixed and running like new, you should consider a regular maintenance contract in order to avoid costly repairs further down the line – just speak with the Plumber attending your job for further information.

If you are looking for Energy Efficient water heaters, water pumps or geysers then we supply and fit a large range of tankless water heaters andĀ Solar Geysers Cape Town. A solar geyser utilises the sun to convert energy into hot water through the use of Solar Panels fitted to your Roof or other Southerly facing location. The cost savings are fantastic and a wise choice for larger households, businesses or commercial premises as the investment made into these systems is often re-cooped within 1 year.

Call today for all Geyser Repairs in Cape Town or to speak further with an Expert Plumbing Company regarding upgrades, new geyser or to arrange a service of your existing hardware. Call us on 021 300 7899

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