Khayelitsha has become a fast-growing community because of the amazing environment and the great opportunities that it brings to people looking forward to a place of their own. All these ideals can be put to the test however, the moment you experience any plumbing problem. Plumbing issues have the power to stop you right on your tracks, wreaking havoc over your day’s schedule and your overall routine.
When a plumbing issue threatens to ruin your balance, the best thing to do is to call a trusted plumbing service who can fix the problem right away. This is where our team of Khayelitsha plumbers come in.

Khayelitsha Emergency Plumbing Services

No matter how inconvenient or awkward the timing may be, our Khayelitsha team of plumbers will be ready to help you out. These plumbing issues never come at a convenient time, so we always have our team ready to run to your side no matter what time of the day and what day of the week. It doesn’t even matter how big or small the plumbing emergency is. If there’s one guarantee we can give, it’s that we can offer the best solutions to the problem the fastest possible time.

Geyser Installation, Maintenance and Repair Khayelitsha

Home living just isn’t complete if you don’t have hot water running down your shower or the tap. Especially during those cooler days, nothing can be more refreshing than a hot bath.

Our team of Khayelitsha plumbers can give you all the hot water you need. We install all kinds of geyser systems, and can help you repair and maintain it. We can even make sure that you conserve as much energy as possible in the process, adding even more value to it all.

geyser plumber Khayelitsha

Khayelitsha Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

It’s easy enough to dream about the perfect kitchen or bathroom – but how can you turn that dream into a reality? Our team of Khayelitsha plumbers can help you achieve that.

From the planning stage right to the execution, we create opportunities for you to upgrade your bathroom and kitchen and give it the overhaul it deserves. It’s not just about aesthetics – it’s also about making sure that you avoid further problems caused by outdated kitchen and bathroom systems. Just show us what you want to happen, and we’ll sit right beside you and walk you through it. We can even score all the fixtures you want at great prices, making all this even more worth it.

Blocked Drain Khayelitsha

Clogged drains can be a pain to take care of, especially if the problem has been around for some time. Whether the blockage is fairly new or has been there for a long time, our Khayelitsha plumbing services can take care of it the moment you call it in.

Blocked drains are not only a plumbing issue, but are a safety and health problem as well. This is why our team makes sure that it is resolved the most efficient way possible.

Call us at 021 300 7899 and we’ll help you out in any way we can. Remember that plumbing problems get worse the longer you ignore them. So the moment any problem surfaces, let us know right away.

Testimonials for Khayelitsha Plumbing Services

These guys are amazing! They kept us in the loop during the entire time and were very understanding of our plumber emergency
Khayelitsha Emergency Plumber
Rating:5/5 stars

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