Having blocked drains in your home or commercial premises not only causes inconvenience due to potential flooding but also has an environmental impact and smell and hygiene issues can also be a concern. Thankfully help is at hand and our state of the art methods for unblocking drains, toilets, sinks and sewers will have you sorted in no time. In extreme cases, we use the latest in CCTV drain inspection equipment to find and deal with the source of the blockage without having to damage your pipe work or go through the costly expenses of having to dig up the drain! For smaller blockages in sinks, drains or toilets, we use a combination of high pressure water jets and special chemicals to clear your blocked drains Cape Town in no time.

Drain Unblocking Cape Town

Prevention is always better than the cure and care should be taken when flushing or washing anything down your sewage system. That being said, blockages still and will always occur and typical off the shelf products simply wont cut it. Our process involves firstly diagnosing and locating the blockage before then utilising one of several methods to clean and remove deposits that have built up in your pipes or water system. Our services extend to Blocked drain cleaning in Cape Town and our fully mobile unit carries all the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done there and then. After the initial assessment of the damage caused by the blockage, we will provide the most convenient and cost effective method of clearing the drain, sink pipes or toilet and provide an after care service to help prevent future build up and to make sure that bad smells are eliminated within your home and the drain itself.

Commercial, Industrial & Home Drain Unblocking

If you need drain unblocking Cape Town then we are the company to call. We have all the necessary experience to provide a swift solution to any blockage whether it be in a sink, down an exterior drain, a toilet or a sewer. We use several processes of drain cleaning from high pressure water through to the combination and use of different chemicals and the method we use will depend on the severity of your blockage. Whatever the case, we are confident that we can fix your issue in no time so why not give us a call today for a free estimate or to book and appointment on 021 300 7899. Any pipes, large or small, any type of drain and all on household, commercial & industrial drain cleaning.

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